How to Wear a Corset Under Your Wedding Dress

There is no day more exciting than your wedding day. And even more so, it is the one day of the year and maybe your life, that you want to feel completely comfortable and beautiful in your body. People prep for their wedding day with diets, workout regimes and you cannot forget the spray tan, a good boost of color sheds five pounds in itself! We want you to get to your wedding day fully prepared and feeling glamorous in your amazing white dress.

If you are thinking about adding a corset under your dress, this can be a great idea for keeping your tummy tucked and your waist looking thin. And a bonus, those pictures will turn out incredible. But there are some things to think about when it comes to adding an additional layer of clothing. So let’s look at some tips and tricks on utilizing a corset on your wedding day.

1. Ensure it fits correctly: comfort and style This may seem obvious, but it is important to get a corset that is the right length and fit for your body. Though it can be tempting to go super tight, for your wedding day you do not want the corset to be training style tight, you simply want it to give enough squeeze to show off your lovely figure. Use our method of measuring from the line of your bra to the bottom of your hip when sitting down to find the right corset. Along with fit, pick a style that you feel will accentuate your body correctly. Whether it be an overbust or underbust corset, depending on how much coverage and push up you want off your boobs. Do some research and check our styling articles before purchasing.

2. Break in the corset You do not, I repeat, DO NOT, want to be thinking about your clothing or discomfort on your special day. To ensure the corset will fit right in with the rest of your clothing, we suggest breaking it in by wearing it while walking around, sitting and eating. This will show you how it feels and give it time to mold with your body. If you are able to order the corset in time, we also suggest bringing it to your fittings so you can see what it looks like under your dress. This will ensure a seamless day when your wedding comes.

3. Make sure your gown aligns with the corset Along with the fit and comfort of the corset, you do not want it to show in your wedding dress. So if you are bringing your corset to fittings you should not have this issue. But many a time, women show back our cleavage in their dress and the corset could show. So if you have a preference that you lean towards and could be the person with the low cut back dress then purchase a corset that aligns with that style.

Your wedding day is no time for bunching, clinging or lines. For a fitted gown we recommend a fitted bodysuit and nothing with to many wires or strings. For fitted dresses as well you may want to tighten your lower have get some butt lifting underwear that will shape you perfectly.

If you have a more princess cut dress, a corset is perfect for you as it will tighten around the waist then allow the skirt to do its lovely thing! And if your dress is not completely fitted then a corset will hold you in and allow the dress to give you the right figure.

Here are a few more tips to help you get it right:

● When picking the right bridal corset it depends on your body type and dress.
● We highly recommend wearing seamless garments or shorts, which smooth things over without squishing your booty.
● Overall, when it comes to shapewear color, nude or cocoa is usually the best – depending on your skin tone.
● Be sure to bring more than your dress to your final fitting at your tailor – take along your shoes and shapewear. Once you have all of the pieces in place, you will finally be able to envision your wedding day.
● Accessories, including a veil (if you are using one), will help you to see if everything balances out together.

We hope you have an amazing wedding day and feel beautiful and confident in your dress. Check out our website for the best waist trainers that will give you that perfect figure on your big day. Happy wedding dress shopping!

  • January 22, 2020
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