Corset Training Results – Before and After

Corset Training Results - Before and After

The quintessential feminine form has always been considered an hour glass figure. Every woman at some point of life has wanted that figure and many have gone to great lengths to achieve it. Now, the traditional methods of exercise and proper eating habits are, and forever will be the most sure shot and effective, no doubt to that. But there are other ways that can help and speed up the process of making you look slim. Corset training too, is one of them and has been proven to be supremely effective in recent years.

The best thing about using Corsets is that how instant the effect is, and visible too. There is no other method of weight training that gives such rapid results. There is a visible loss of inches when you put on a corset. Although this is temporary and can no way be compared with what is achieved with regular physical training. But, you have to agree, it is tempting. However, just because you ‘look’ thinner, doesn’t mean you would stop working to be a better, fitter version of yourself. Corsets do much more than give you instant albeit temporary gratification. It has been proven that corset training, over a period of time assists positively in weight loss when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

One difference that you would feel inside you, after you start wearing a corset regularly- is a curb in your appetite. Think of corsets as an external LAP band, without the hassle of a surgery. By cinching the waist, corset also shrink or constricts the stomach to an extent. That means that you eat lesser, especially when you are outside. It helps in evading cravings for fried, junk, or extra sugary food while on a date with your girlfriends. Over time your appetite naturally decreases. This doesn’t mean you should not eat. It is just an alternative way to avoid bad calories.

Corsets are also very good for posture. They give you an upright posture by pinching in your waist and lifting up your bosom. It also provides arch support to your back and core. It is a common myth that wearing a corset will make you stiff and inflexible. Let me tell you this, you don’t have to lace up a corset so tight that you can’t even move. It has to fit you perfectly, hiding your bulges and providing support from your lower abdomen till your bosom. That is it; it will show its effects over time. Meanwhile you get visibly reduced inches and a stance that makes you stand out even in a crowd.

The last and perhaps the latest discovery, in the field of Corset training, is that it helps you in losing fat around the belly area because of a simple law of physics. Wearing a tight fitting garment around your waist, during the course of several hours, boosts up the thermal activity in the area. This means that your belly gets concentrated attention, sort of how sauna belts work. Now when you combine this with regular exercise, you’d be able to get faster results than before. It is like super warming up your core, or doing the same amount of exercise, but somehow all the effect is directed at your waist. However it is not advised to do sit ups or other such core exercises while wearing corsets. These exercises require breathing and constricting your body while exercising is a no.

So you see, corset training works in a no of ways to help you attain your desired figure. Hope you would be able to see all these changes within you; for yourself when you try it. Corset training, when combined with regular exercising and a healthy diet gives you results that are fast and highly visible.

  • March 20, 2017
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