Best Waist Trainer for Men – Top Models of 2020

Waist trainers may seem like a recent fad, but they’ve been around awhile, and there’s a good reason for it: they actually work. So, trying to find the best waist trainer for men is a sensible step if you're trying to get started with waist training.

A good men's waist trainer immediately improves posture, which enables you to breathe better. That alone is a major first step towards better fitness.

Long-term benefits, like the thermogenic effect of increasing core temperature, and the associated increase in fat burn, are why men everywhere are opting to try waist trainers.

Reviews of the Best Men's Waist Trainers of 2020

The Just Fitter Premium Waist Trainer is our top pick as the best waist trainer for men. It helps you achieve a leaner six pack by increasing your body’s temperature to induce the thermogenic effect; thermogenics can raise your basal metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories.

Another top feature of the Just Fitter trainer is that it comes in four sizes, so you can get the best fit, leading to the best results. It’s also comfortable, improves your posture, easily adjusts, and is made with neoprene instead of latex, so it’s safe for latex sensitive individuals.

  • Safely promotes the thermogenic effect, allowing you to burn more fat by raising your BMR
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    Promotes better breathing which reduces anxiety and increases cardio benefits
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    Lumbar and posture support
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    The Just Fitter waist trainer is hand washable, so it’s great for those who prioritize hygiene
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    Comes in four sizes so you can get a great fit
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    Comes in male and female versions so your partner doesn’t have to be jealous of your awesome new waist trainer
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    Adjustable via Velcro
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  • The manufacturer says you should wash it before use since the neoprene can smell a bit rubbery; however, most like to wash activewear before use anyway, so it’s not too big of a deal.
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    You have to hand wash it; though, most folks would want to do that anyway to keep it in prime condition

The McDavid Waist Trimmer offers support for your core, which encourages you to stand taller and also improves circulation. It’s compression quality prevents muscle strain and fatigue during workout, while soothing and warming muscles for better recovery post-workout.

Furthermore, it can sooth old injuries and arthritis, providing natural pain relief. The McDavid waist trainer also reduces bulk around the midsection by trapping heat in your core, getting rid of water weight and increasing fat burn in the process.

  • Comfortable
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    Prevents new injuries and soothes old ones
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    Heats up the core for better burn and water weight reduction
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    Supports better posture while minimizing stress on your lower back
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    Latex-free neoprene construction
  • The sizing is one size fits most and fits up to a 40-inch waist. This isn’t ideal for everyone, but it shouldn’t be a problem if you fall into their size range.
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    Some users have noted chafing; chafing can occur at any time during a workout regardless of what you wear, but when using products like this, it’s important to wear a shirt under them if you have sensitive skin.

Unlike some of the other waist trainers for men out there, the FeelinGirl Men’s Tummy Control Steel Boned Waist Trainer has, as the name suggest, steel boning inside it to achieve that shaping look and waist training capability. This makes it more corset-like in both appearance and operation than some of the other models out there, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get the job done.

Thanks to the high level of compression, you get both core support as well as a better shape instantly while waiting for some of the more long-term results to kick in. One of the main points in this waist trainer’s favor is the fact that it has a very wide range of sizing, spanning from small to 4XL. The wide variety of sizes allows you to achieve a very accurate fit.

  • Reinforced with steel boning
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    Core support
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    Instant shaping
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    Helps sculpt abs and chest
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    Wide variety of sizes allow you to get the best fit
  • It’s made with latex, so not good for those with latex allergy.
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    It’s less sporty-looking than some of the other waist trainers out there, however there are those who will like this better, since the upside is that defines your body shape more underneath your clothes.

The Active Gear Premium Waist Trimmer now features two sizes: medium and large; the large size fits up to a 52-inch waist, for increased size diversity. This waist trimmer is designed to keep your body heat at the prime weight loss temperature zone, while not making you so hot that you get heatstroke.

Basically, it hits the golden, calorie burning middle (no pun intended). It’s made with neoprene and doesn’t trap bacteria, which can be a concern for those who work out at commercial gyms.

  • Lightweight
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    Helps get rid of bloat from water retention
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    Helps heat up the belly area to burn calories faster
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    Protects muscles during workouts
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    Comes in two sizes
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    Made with neoprene
  • Some have found that this waist trainer doesn’t disappear under clothes properly. If you’re looking for a waist trainer that will look invisible under clothes, that is a problem, but if you plan on wearing it over your clothes, this doesn’t really apply to you.
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    Some find it hard to get a tight fit; if you have a small waist, the medium trainer may simply be too big—this trainer does seem to run big in general.

Fitru offers a lifetime warranty for their waist trainer, touting that their high level of quality control standards and craftsmanship produces a waist trainer that is a cut above the rest.

This trainer features Anti-Slip Grid technology in the interior fabric so that the belt stays put and doesn’t ride up; moreover, this same fabric prevents bacteria from building up and wicks away moisture. The latter is a big deal, because waist trainers make you sweat by upping your core temperature to promote greater calorie burn.

  • Latex-free neoprene construction
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    Doesn’t slip
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    Wicks away bacteria and moisture
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    Raises temperature in the abdominal area producing thermogenic effect
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    Contours to your shape
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    Relieves muscle pain
  • Some find this waist trainer doesn’t disappear under clothes; if you plan to wear yours on top of your clothes for more of a back support, this isn’t an issue, but many buy theirs specifically to sweat, which requires skin contact.

The Benefits of Waist Training for Men

Waist trainers have come a long way from simply cinching in your waist to cosmetically improve your looks. Today’s male waist trainers are versatile and effective, and are nothing like what was on the market even as recently as twenty years ago.

Modern waist trainers are more comfortable and safer than their antiquated counterparts, so discomfort is a thing of the past, and they tend to be multifunctional, such as acting as a lumbar support for working out or post-workout recovery.

All of these benefits add up to a powerful fat-burning, posture-supporting powerhouse, which promotes those chiseled, defined abs fitness-minded men everywhere crave.

What to Look for When Buying a Waist Trainer for Men

Size is perhaps the most important thing to consider when buying a male waist trainer. While some trainers are one size fits all (or, more accurately, one size fits most), others come in sizes like small, medium, large, and more.

Because of the different types of sizing waist trainer brands might use can vary, it’s important to know what your own measurements are starting out. That way, you can look at their sizing info and choose the size range that’s the closest match for you.

Also on the note of size, depending on how specific your needs are, you may wish to opt for a brand of waist trainer that has actual sizes as opposed to a one size fits all type thing.

For instance, if you have a very large or a very small waist, you might fall outside of the one size fits all range. Also, depending on your goals and needs regarding waists training, you may need a more precise fit, so that’s something to consider as well.

Check out the fabric and other materials the waist trainer is made out of. Since thermogenic activation is often a major goal in waist training, it’s important to note that most waist trainers won’t be very breathable, because they need to lock in that heat for the ultimate calorie burn. While most activewear fabrics pride themselves on breathability, it’s actually a detriment in waist trainers.

So, on the one hand, lack of breathability locks in heat for increased fat burn, which is awesome. But the lack of breathability comes with a drawback—it’s gonna get sweaty.

This is why the best waist trainer for men is going to be one that you can wash, either by hand or by machine, to remove the dead skin and bacteria that can accumulate when we’re active in tight clothing.

Opt for a waist trainer that is easy to adjust. Ideally, it should have a Velcro adjustment or something similar, so you can loosen or tighten the waist trainer on the go, as your needs change throughout the day.

Tips on Choosing an Ideal Male Waist Trainer for Your Needs

There are a few key things to keep in mind when choosing the best waist trainer for your needs:

  • Some waist trainers contain latex: If you’re allergic to latex, read the fabric contents carefully to ensure there’s no latex in the mix.

    A lot of newer waist trainers for men actually avoid latex for the whole allergy thing as well as the fact that there are newer, better materials out there to make waist trainers out of.

  • Many of the best waist trainers for men tend to come in different sizes for a more accurate fit; the better the fit, the better the results. Avoid one size fits most, if possible—especially if you are very slim or very big around the middle.

  • Go for a waist trainer that helps your posture and straightens your spine. If your goal is to shred inches, a straight back will not only instantly make you look better, it will allow you to breathe better; breathing better increases your calorie burn, because many of the calories that leave your body do so when you exhale. (Note that this is not a suggestion that you should hyperventilate in an attempt to lose weight—it won’t work and you’ll pass out.)

  • If you’re using your waist trainer to trim your belly bulge, be sure to opt for a model that locks heat in. As noted above, calories are potential energy that has to leave your body in order to lose weight.

    Heat is one of the main ways by which calories leave, and increasing heat in order to produce weight loss is known as thermogenics, one of the primary goals of using waist trainers to achieve fat burn.


The clear and easy winner of this roundup is the Just Fitter Premium Waist Trainer & Trimmer Belt for Men & Women. While there are a lot of great waist trainer options for men in this roundup, the Just Fitter waist trainer has all the makings of the best waist trainer for men. 

Getting the right fit is crucial for best results, and the Just Fitter waist trainer comes in four different sizes, so most will be able to find a good fit that gives them the most support.

Moreover, because waist trainers are designed to make you sweat, it’s important that the waist trainer be easily cleaned—the Just Fitter waist trainer is hand washable, so it’s easy to keep clean. But mainly, Just Fitter just works, which is why it’s a winner.

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