Best Butt Lifters to Give Your Booty a Perfect Shape

Head-turning booties are more in fashion now than ever before. It’s no secret that throughout history men have found them particularly attractive. In recent years, they’ve also become a staple of popular culture.

But if you’ve been blessed with a good-sized booty, you know how hard it can be to stop the sagging and jiggling and thus prevent chafing. This is where a good piece of butt lifter shapewear can come in handy. It utilizes special materials and elastics to keep your butt firm and lifted, without adding to its size.

To help you make a smart choice, I’ve compiled a list of the eight best butt lifters out there. So if you carry a little extra junk in the trunk, take a look at these items and choose one that is best for you.

Finding a Butt Lifter That Will Keep Your Booty Firm and Perked Up

Based on your preference, you can either opt for butt lifters with open buttocks or those that are completely sealed. Here you’ll find the four best butt lifters in each of these two categories.

Best Butt Lifters with Open Buttocks

This model from DODOING has a very high waist that goes right up to your breasts. This allows it not only to highlight your booty but also to give you an overall slimmer figure. You can thus use it as a butt lifter, a thigh slimmer, and a waist trainer all at once.

Made from a blend of polyester and spandex, it is very comfortable and form-fitting. What’s more, the fabric also has antibacterial properties. On top of that, the addition of lace in the front gives this a rather elegant look.

Once you put it on, the soft boning will keep it in place and prevent it from moving under your wardrobe. The elastics on the bottom part will also provide your buttocks with the support they need to stay perked up and firm. Because of its discrete design, you can wear it under all types of clothes, including gowns and dresses.

  • 3-in-1 model that lifts your butt, slims your thighs, and flattens your waist
  • check-circle
    Made from fabrics with antibacterial properties
  • check-circle
    Soft boning prevents the top from rolling down under your clothes
  • check-circle
    Two lace panels in the front add a touch of elegance
  • Some women may find the fit too tight
  • times-circle
    You may have to try it on to get the right fit in both parts

This butt lifter from Gotoly is another high-waisted model. But instead of polyester, it combines spandex with bamboo fiber. This makes for a surprisingly soft piece of shapewear that both tucks your tummy and gives your booty a boost.

Like the previous model, it is a 3-in-1 design that serves multiple purposes. It is so comfortable and lightweight that you can wear it throughout the day, even while you’re training.

The seamless construction ensures that it remains invisible under your clothes no matter how tight they might be. This model also utilizes the so-called no-slide edges that prevent the top from rolling down under your wardrobe.

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • check-circle
    Enhances your booty, your waist, and your thighs
  • check-circle
    Made from very soft fabric with antibacterial properties
  • check-circle
    The no-slide edges keep the top in place
  • The top could be a bit short for some women
  • times-circle
    Might not work as well for naturally saggy bottoms

These boy shorts from Hansme Women’s are primarily intended for women with smaller butts. The elastic band on the bottom of the pants is thus slightly thicker to allow for a better lift. Like other models in this list, it has no padding, just the elastics to accentuate what you already have.

The fabric is a combination of spandex and nylon, which makes this butt lifter very durable. There are small holes in the pattern that allow your skin to breathe. Because they won’t cause excessive sweating, you can wear them underneath your gym clothes.

The packaging includes two pairs of briefs. You get a pair in black and another pair in beige. This is very convenient as you can color-coordinate it with the rest of your underwear.

  • Includes two pairs of briefs in different colors
  • check-circle
    Thick elastic band gives your booty an extra lift
  • check-circle
    Nylon makes this model very durable
  • check-circle
    Breathable design that prevents sweating
  • Doesn’t work as well for women with larger butts
  • times-circle
    The lines may be visible under light clothes

Here’s another model that combines nylon with spandex. The nylon gives it durability, while the spandex keeps it stretchy and form-fitting. But unlike the previous model, this butt lifter from Junlan is a high thong.

Because it’s a thong, the cutouts are a bit larger than usual. The elastics on the bottom provide the support for your booty and give it an instant lift. It’s a very comfortable model you can wear for any occasion, whether you’re going to the gym or to a fancy cocktail party.

The top portion has nine hook closures that will ensure the thong stays in one place while you’re wearing it. But because the clasps are in the front, it may be a deal-breaker to some. It’s just a minor quibble, though, as the thong will remain invisible underneath your clothes.

  • Stretchy fabric allows for a better fit
  • check-circle
    Bigger cutouts give your booty a firmer lift
  • check-circle
    Hook closures prevent it from moving
  • The closures are in the front
  • times-circle
    Has a unique size chart, so you may need to try a few to find the right fit

Best Butt Lifters with No Cutouts

The “levanta cola” in the name of this model is Spanish for “butt lifter.” Fajas Salome primarily targets Latina women with curvy bodies, which is why they used this phrase. But any woman with a larger booty and a more voluminous body could find a good use for this butt lifter.

Made of stretchy spandex, this butt lifter has a very high waist that goes up to your bra. It comes with removable straps that you can use to ensure the top doesn’t roll down. For extra security, there is also a large vertical zipper in the front.

This model uses a special Powernet compression technology to give your butt a firm lift. The inside is lined with cotton for added comfort. Because the zipper is flat, it will remain unnoticeable under your clothing.

  • Has removable straps and a flat zipper for extra stability
  • check-circle
    The cotton lining makes it more comfortable to wear
  • check-circle
    Unique compression technology allows for a better lift
  • check-circle
    Designed for women with curvy bodies
  • The zipper might break with regular use
  • times-circle
    Has an open upper back, which may result in some curve spillage

Women with larger booties tend to have thicker thighs, as well. This “levanta cola” model from Lowla Fashion doesn’t only lift your butt but also gives your thighs a slimmer look. It achieves this effect thanks to the slightly longer legs that make it look like a pair of bike shorts.

The extra length means more elastic bands to support your butt and slim your thighs. Yet, despite the strong compression this model is very comfortable to wear. The use of polyester allows for a very comfortable and breathable undergarment you can wear all day long.

There are no large bumps or seams, so it will sit discreetly under any type of clothing. What’s more, the lace details on both sides add a touch of femininity to the design. You can thus wear it at night as a stylish piece of lingerie.

  • Both lifts your butt and slims your thighs
  • check-circle
    Comfortable fit despite the extra compression
  • check-circle
    Unnoticeable underneath your clothes
  • check-circle
    It works both as a butt lifter and a lingerie
  • The fit might be too tight on the butt
  • times-circle
    Some women have reported stitching errors

This all-cotton butt lifter from Fajas Salome has an inner lining that protects your skin from allergies. It sports a slightly higher waist, which means that it can also flatten your belly. Not only that but it also compresses your inner thighs, thus preventing chafing.

Both the top and the bottom have silicone bands that ensure stability. The compression is rather strong, but the elastics are placed strategically so as not to cause any pain. So, once you put it on, it will give you the support you want, as well as the comfort your body needs.

This thigh slim enhancer comes in seven different sizes to fit different body types and proportions. It looks like it’s made of soft silk, so it can also double as a lingerie.

  • Compresses your inner thighs to prevent chafing
  • check-circle
    The high waist also flattens your belly
  • check-circle
    Soft and comfortable to wear
  • check-circle
    Silicone bands prevent it from rolling up or down
  • The fit might be too tight on the butt
  • times-circle
    Some women have reported stitching errors

The first thing you’ll notice about this “Invisable” butt lifter from Gotoly is that it looks very chic. That’s because of the lace detail that covers the sides, as well as the back. The lace is also elastic, thus ensuring your butt gets the right amount of support.

This model has a high waist, which means that it will also smooth your tummy. It won’t do much for your thighs, though, as the bottom part is short. So unless you need something to slim your thighs, this model might be a good choice for you.

Made from 90% cotton and 10% spandex, this butt lifter is very soft and breathable. It’s also lightweight, so you can wear it in the summer without the risk of sweating too much. And because it’s almost seamless, no one will be able to notice it under your clothes.

  • Sleek design with prominent lace details
  • check-circle
    Spandex makes it stretchy and form-fitting
  • check-circle
    Made from very breathable materials
  • check-circle
    The high waist construction slims your tummy
  • There are no straps, so the top might roll down
  • times-circle
    It may be a bit uncomfortable until you get used to it

Who Needs a Butt Lifter?

As the name suggests, butt lifters lift your butt and give it a nice, round shape. They are thus best for women with larger booties who want to get rid of sagginess and jiggling. Since there’s no padding, you won’t find much use for them if you have a small butt and want to add more volume to it.

If you’ve recently given birth, high-waisted butt lifters could be a good choice for you. Depending on the model, you can use them as a postpartum or C-section girdle. They’ll give you a slimmer figure until you go back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

What Results Can You Expect?

The lifting and slimming effects are only visible while you’re wearing your butt lifter. Sure, it will work out some of your muscles in the process. But if you’re looking to lose some weight and get your body into shape, don’t think of them as a solution.

No shapewear item can replace a good workout regimen. For the best effect, combine wearing a butt lifter with regular visits to the gym. In fact, some of them are so lightweight and comfortable that you can wear them while exercising.

How to Determine Your Size

While researching these products, I’ve noticed that different manufacturers have different ways to determine the size of their butt lifters. So if one XL model fits you just right, a different XL butt lifter may be too small or too large.

Before you buy a model you like, you will thus have to look at the manufacturer’s size chart. To find the best fit, you’ll need to measure your waist and your hips. In the case of high-waist models, you’ll also have to take your height and your weight into account.

The Final Word

Depending on your body type, any of these eight butt lifters could be a good choice. They will perk up your booty and give it a well-rounded shape. They will also put your muscles to work and thus help you achieve your body goals faster.

Just remember to check your size first to make sure that the model you choose is the right fit.

  • March 27, 2018
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