The Best Butt Lifter Underwear Reviews for Women 2020

What is butt lifting underwear?

A perky behind is all the rage these days, with women jumping on the fitness bandwagon, along with stars like the Kardashians and Nicky Minaj, the bigger the better is the new motto. Maybe you weren’t blessed with a large booty or yours doesn’t sit exactly where you would like for the most optimal look, butt lifting underwear can help you out.

Butt lifting underwear simply tightens your bum in the right areas to give it a nice shape and look in your clothing. There are many types, but they are usually made of a nylon spandex blend and fit well to your body to help boost your muscles and skin.

The options come in a variety of looks, feels and fits so we will walk you through the different styles and how they will help you. If you are looking for that confidence and booty booster, find the right butt lifting underwear for you.

Different types for your goals

Butt lifters with open buttocks are some of the most popular as they make your booty really pop. Since your skin is fitted through the openings on the back you will get that extra perk. We recommend this option for specific outings, where you won’t be wearing them all day as it can get uncomfortable for some people.

Butt lifters with no cutouts are another similar option, but your whole behind is covered by fitted fabric that will also bump up your behind. These comes in a variety of options, from boy short underwear that don’t have much fabric, as well as biker shorts style that cover much of your leg to slim that area as well.

Another option that encompasses the tightening of your whole torso along with your butt are high-waisted shorts. These not only lift your butt but tighten your tummy and leg area as well. These can be very comfortable and make you feel good in your own skin.

Butt lifting underwear will give you that perfect butt shape, let’s dive into the different options and reviews so you can decide what type is right for you.

Best Butt Lifters & Reviews

Salome Butt Lifter Shorts

These are the all around classic butt lifting underwear. They perk up your butt with the spandex material, they cover your legs a bit for a comfortable wear and they fit well around your upper waist to tighten your tummy.

We love the high quality material and the addition of the lace at the bottom, it gives it a classy look under your clothes, though don’t worry the material is not visible. These shorts have the fitted look and many users say they didn’t expect they could get them on but the underwear added the perfect amount of lift and contour.

FUT Women’s Butt Lifter, Boy Short Panties

The FUT butt lifter is one of our favorites as it has cut outs that make your butt look even perkier, it comes in multiple colors and fits and it’s the best price point for quality. The boy short style will give the front of your body a seamless look, which is great when wearing tight fitted clothing. The cut out style is a thong and has great reviews for comfort and doesn’t give you a square looking butt, it is perfectly round.

Though it is a great butt lifter, it does run small so beware if you are on the larger end of your typical size, it may be smart to size up. You cannot be FUT’s price point and quality, and the boy shorts sport sexy lace.

FLORATA Butt Lifter Panties

These are perfect for our slimmer girls who don’t have as much to lift. They push up the lower part of your butt to help accentuate your booty. This style creates a firm and perky look under any outfit. They are sexy, comfortable and invisible, we recommend wearing them under jeans, shorts, a tight dress or simply give your butt a boost while working out. These underwear have three adjustable hook buttons for adjusting level of lift. The butt lifters feature a circle opening on the back designed to naturally and comfortably lift up your bum.

M&D High Waisted Butt Lifter

M&D’s underwear is one of our favorite options for everyday use. They are fitted, but not too tight that they will restrict you and make you uncomfortable throughout the day. These girdle shorts adjust perfectly to your body. Smooth your abdomen, enhance your hips and lift your butt, they only fit a few inches below the hips so they are not too long and will not show under shorts.

Butt Lifter with Enhancer

The last option we love includes padding enhancers in the underwear. If you feel you don’t have much to push up then this is a great option. It will give you a boost in your jeans, dress or leggings and tighten around your body with no show.

These aren’t too tight or binding, and don’t make any awkward or obvious creases or lines, they subtly but appreciably improve the shape of anything you wear them under! They are easy to wash, with no change in shape, quality or appearance after several trips through the machine.

If you’re at all somewhat disappointed in your rear view, especially in certain outfits or situations, these are definitely worth keeping in you my wardrobe to immediately “perk up” those times!

Find what is right for you

Be sure to check reviews and understand what type of look you want for the style of your body. There a variety of butt lifting underwear options and they all will help you feel more confident in your own skin.

A perkier booty is just an order away, don’t wait to feel sexy and love your body even more. Find the right underwear that give you a beautiful look from the behind!

  • January 1, 2020
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