Dance Your Way to Fitness

When we hear about fitness and workouts, we hardly consider dancing as one of the options. Not only can dancing be an amazing workout but it comes with history and culture infused into its meaning. For example, the Latino dance form Tango, has its origin in Uruguay and Argentina where enslaved Africans use it to socialize only for it to later receive recognition across the world. Dancing is a popular form of exercise, which has even turned into a competitive event and is practiced in gyms across the world.

Not only does dancing help you unfold your inner sexiness, but it also has a number of health benefits that must be taken into account. You can also find the style of dancing that fits with your personality and interest. Here are some of the valuable aspects on why dancing is an amazing workout!

Burns calories – We all are looking for ways to lose weight nowadays. Any form of exercise if done in the right way can help you achieve your dream figure. Dancing focuses on your entire body’s muscles and you are always moving, which works as a great isometric as well as cardiovascular exercise.

Builds self-confidence – After mastering the art of dancing, you will slowly start to garner some serious skills and a body that makes heads turn. You will start to walk tall and your posture will be more poised. Dancing helps you to develop a strong body, build up your stamina and makes you feel sexy.

Less stress – Dancing can be related to your psychological and emotional health. Stress can slowly build up your adrenaline, which can make you anxious, easily annoyed and depressed. However, with an intense dancing session you can blow out all that adrenaline and cause your body to pump more endorphins, which are the feel good hormones. You will always find yourself calmer and happier after a good workout session.

Safe for bones and joints – Joint pain can be a serious issue for many, and women, in particular, run a higher risk of developing Osteoporosis later in their life. Dancing doesn’t put any huge stress on your joints, like running or skipping rope. Dancing can turn out to be a very safe form of exercise. Because you are repetitively strengthening the muscles in your hands and legs, common strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome can also be avoided.

Good for heart and blood flow – This form of exercise is as beneficial for your heart as any form of moderate-to-intense aerobic training. The best part is since all the muscles are being engaged at some point or the other, regular exercise promotes your body’s blood flow. This is especially vital for women who have a sedentary lifestyle and have spent hours sitting in a chair.

Dancing can be done anywhere! You can get up right now and perform a number and feel all the positive effects. To become a more serious dancer you can enroll in a class or join a group at a gym. If you like the movement of dancing, try it out for your fitness regimen!

  • March 26, 2020
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