Five Sports That Are More Effective Than Going to the Gym

Gyms are a great tool to become more fit and understand the movements behind many exercises. But incorporating sports into your fitness routine will help you become more agile and can be even more effective that a simple gym routine.

A study showed men who play sports throughout their lives are five times more likely to be physically active into their 70s and 80s than men who only go to the gym. Sports keep people more active through live because they increase your heart rate, therefore decreasing risk of cardiovascular disease.

Also, being a part of sports creates a community. Most sports, even individual ones, are created via groups at local clubs. It gives you accountability to go, as well as gives you friends who enjoy the same type of activities.

Since people generally decrease the amount of activity in their life as they age, including a hobby that keeps you active will allow you to be healthier for longer. This will increase the satisfaction in your life.

Let’s look at the most effective sports, that are even more valuable to pick up than simply going to a gym and lifting weights.


Swimming is one of the most effective sports for burning calories, keeping your heart rate strong and building endurance. One of the best reasons to incorporate swimming in your fitness routines is that fact that it is a full body workout. You use muscles in every part of your body to do the movements.

Swimming also has little chance of injury. Unlike other sports and gym activities, being in water supports your body weight, allowing your muscles to do all the work. There is no risk of rolling an ankle or breaking a wrist.

Lastly, swimming de-stresses and relaxes your body, there are many mental benefits including energy boost from the endorphins and the positive neurological effects from being in cold water.

Look into your local YMCA to see if there is a pool you can explore the sport of swimming.


Crossfit is one of the most intense sports to be a part of. It incorporates many varieties of fitness, like powerlifting, gymnastics and running. Crossfit is made up of short yet high-intensity workouts.

Crossfit improves, agility, balance and aerobic fitness. One thing many crossfitters love is the community involved, no matter what gym, or box as they are called in the sport, you are welcomed. And workouts and mindset are similar across the whole crossfit community.

Lastly, the Crossfit games, which is the annual test of “the fittest on earth” has gained a tremendous following. It is an inspiration and motivating part of joining the sport.

There are local gyms everywhere that will let you drop in to try a class for free. Give it a shot, because you will definitely learn something new.


Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by anyone who can ride a bike! Not only is it a good for your health, it is great for the environment, especially when used as a form of transportation. If you live close enough to work or the grocery store you could incorporate biking as a part of your routine.

Biking will build your lower body muscles quickly and give you more strength and stamina. Also, it is an invigorating form of exercise- speeding down a hill or racing around the corner of a trail will always be an exciting part of the hobby.

Cycling will help you breath deep, get a good sweat on and increase your body temperature, therefore, increasing your overall fitness level. If you are interested in joining a sport with a group, check Facebook for a local cycling group.

Trampoline/ Acrobatics

A new trend popping up are trampoline parks and open gymnastic parks in various cities, trampolines and flips are a fun way of losing weight and keeping feet. The idea of jumping or “rebounding” can burn more calories in an hour than jogging for an hour.

Jumping also creates the lymphatic system of your tissues and organs, the movement of jumping will open up your body and get the blood flowing. It also helps stimulate your thyroid gland and helps get rid of stored fat.

Jumping on a trampoline or working on acrobatics is a simple, fun way to get moving, burn calories and help with your longevity.


Dancing is one of the best workouts for weight loss, and even better, it is a creative outlet. It is great at any age and can be done solo or with a group. Dancing helps with balance, strength

and flexibility. There are many types of dancing from ballroom, to jazz to break dancing. You can find what type of music and preference you like, or explore many options.

Dancing is also great if lifting weights or running hurts your joints or muscles. It is great for people with limited mobility, and helps open up any issues you may have. Dancing is an inspiring and can be enjoyed with loved ones. It is a great form of exercise and more invigorating than simply lifting weights at a gym.

Find The Right Sport for You

All five of these sports have great health benefits and will allow you to grow stronger and live a longer life. They have many benefits that surpass lifting weights.

Of course, gyms are valuable way to workout, but if lifting weights and walking around that type of environment simply does not interest you then it would be great to find a hobby. You will be happier and stay committed if you enjoy the form of exercise you choose.

  • December 15, 2019
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