Five Proven Ways for Staying Motivated to Exercise

Exercise and fitness is a lifelong journey, it is not about instant results so when it comes to motivation it is important to find things that will keep you going for the long run. We give you some of the best ways to stay motivated on your journey to get fit, but to make these stick, ensure you have established realistic goals. Goals will help you keep moving forward even when the desire is not there. Establish a set of goals that are intrinsic to your core beliefs and things you love so they will be steadfast.

Let’s dive into five ideas around staying motivated to exercise and sticking with your fitness goals!

1. Love what you do

It’s no secret, the more you enjoy something the more you want to do it. Find a workout routine that you like- fitness does not have to be painful and unenjoyable. From Peloton, to crossfit gyms, zumba classes and outdoor biking groups there is fitness for all types of people in this day and age. Gyms and different fitness groups are great about giving free trials and letting you meet members, so branch out and test the waters. Once you find something that ignites your passion and endorphins, get invested!

2. Mix up your workouts

Don’t do the same thing everyday, many workout programs have a leg day, upper body day and so on. But even more than that, change up the routine, maybe get a yoga membership as well as go for walks a few times a week. This will get you excited about the variety and the different ways your body is moving. When creating variety do research on why different workouts are good for you so you have a motivation behind your purpose.

3. Align your healthy goals outside of exercise

As Isaac Newton said, energy in motion stays in motion and energy at rest stays at rest, the more active you are the more likely you are to exercise and achieve fitness goals. From the foods you eat to the people you spend time with, the more the rest of your life aligns with healthy actions the more motivated you will feel to get moving.

4. Incorporate other people in your routine

One of the biggest ways to stay committed to your fitness goals is creating a community around your exercise interests. Whether that’s going to the same class every Tuesday and Thursday and making friends with your classmates or joining a local softball league, there are many ways to meet friends and get excited about going to work out.

5. Make habits that stick and believe in it

Good habits are easier to maintain when they are part of your identity. Diets are temporary and often fail. A smarter approach is to commit to holistic changes that you maintain all year round. Saying “I don’t” as opposed to “I can’t” is a game changer. It empowers you. It gives you control. The decision is yours.

Even starting with one of these habits will help you live a more active and healthy lifestyle. The goal is to make habits that you can stick to. Let us know what you implement on a day to day basis to keep active!

  • April 2, 2020
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