What Kind of Bra Should You Wear With a Corset

Every woman has their own shape, style and size- it is all about preference when it comes to the right type of corset for you as well as how much support you want from your bra. It is important to understand what type of support you want and for what occasion you are wearing the corset. If you are going out on the town and want that extra support we of course recommend a push up bra. If you are training your waist at home it may not be necessary. We give you our best tips and tricks on how to shape your body correctly with a corset and bra.

Lace up corset

There are many types of corsets that will either push your boobs up as well as some that may not give you too much of a lift. Underbust corsets will not push your boobs up as they stop at the top of your rib cage. So it is suggested to wear an underwire bra if you want that extra support. Overbust corsets cover your boobs and give you a lift but it may not be as dramatic as a regular bra.

Both of our suggestions below could be right for any woman regardless of their size, but from the feedback we have received these are our recommendations. It is important to remember, bodies are not one size fits all, so you may fit into a different category or overbust/ underbust may be right for you due to your specific body type. Read below and see what category you fit in or what option seems most ideal for your lifestyle!

For our bustier ladies..

We understand that there can be incompatibility between underbust corsets and certain underwire or regular bras. It can be frustrating to wear a mainstream underwired, push-up bras with your underbust corsets. If your corset is a little too long in the torso, then the top edge of the corset can push up on your underwire and cause a “double-lift” effect and this is often made uncomfortable when sitting down. Some fuller-busted women have complained that this style looks and feels unnatural, and they don’t like the end result that has become coined as a “chinrest”. If your corset is too tight around the ribcage and your underwire becomes trapped between your body and the corset, the wire can dig quite uncomfortably into your ribs.

Underbust Waist Trainer

Do to these common issues it is important to measure your torso length from the underwire to your lap when sitting down. This is the longest the underbust corset can be before it will become uncomfortable and press on your rib cage and push your boobs up too high for comfort.

If you are bustier, and don’t worry we will get to the smaller breasted ladies as well, then opt for a shorter corset or cincher that will avoid the underwire of your bra. We also suggest wearing a well-fitting wire free bra with your corset, these give you shape but don’t have the issue of rubbing against the corset and causing discomfort. If all else fails, you can position the bra over the top of your corset, this would only be an option of the band of the bra is thicker.

For our smaller framed ladies..

If you feel like you could join the itty bitty titty committee or you just have that thin frame that may not be able to support a corset and an underwire bra, we recommend an overbust corset. These not only add a lovely shape to your figure but give you that extra boost to your breast that can be discomforting when wearing a push up or underwire bra. This also frees up straps from a bra that can get in the way, you can purchase an overbust corset that is strapless or with tank top type straps, depending on the comfort level you desire. As well as when you will wear the corset, if you plan to just rock it with normal everyday clothing the tank top straps may be more comfortable. You can also try the underwire bra with underbust corset option, especially if you have a longer torso. As mentioned above, just measure from your bra line to your hip while sitting down and see if the corset you are looking at is right for you.

Are you required to wear a bra with your underbust corset? Not necessarily, but know that an underbust won’t give you the same lift, support and shaping that your conventional bra will. If you have bra and/or corset compatibility issues, try out one of the options above and see if they work for you. Check out our favorite corsets and some awesome reviews!

  • January 18, 2020
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