Advantages of Wearing Corset Bra Over Brassieres

Corset Bra Over Brassieres

Brassieres have always been a point of contention for women with a heavier torso. And brassieres simply made of fabric fail to provide the required support to the breasts. And those that are reinforced with a steel structure are unhealthy and uncomfortable. This has particularly been the experience of women who have a well-built bust and are into rigorous sports and activities.

Corset bras do more than slim down the waist. Overbust corsets are designed with the goal of providing a complete bust support from all angles. This allows for a better contour and is far less painful, simultaneously.

Why not bras?

If you possess a heavy bust, it can both be a blessing and a curse in disguise. It does add to the appeal of the feminine body. But it is more difficult to handle. If you practice rigorous sports, it can be tricky to contain your upper torso. Bras made of flimsy fabrics do not provide the under bust support that is necessary for a proper structure. The breast can begin to sag in this case, which not only ends up in a deformed figure but also causes chest problems later on in life.

The solution to this was developed in the form of plastic or steel reinforced brassieres. Plastic or steel reinforced brassieres are stiff and very uncomfortable. The plastic or metal underlining is not sufficiently padded with the fabric. This pokes and prods into the softer tissue of your upper torso. While this can be painful in general, when coupled with sports or fast activities, they become a deterrent to the ease of movement. With that comes up several health problems. A poorly fitted bra has been the most popular cause of breast cancer. Continued use will lead to bruises and injuries as well.

The solution to this would be corsets. Corsets, while supporting the bust with a stiff underlining material, extend below, onto the belly. This reduces the stress on the bust area caused by holding up the breasts all by itself. The build is more comfortable, and there are no steel or plastic ribs poking into your muscles.

Further, corsets come without straps as well. The rubbery straps dig into your shoulders which can be the cause of further discomfort. The issue is eliminated here. Moreover, imagine how well it fits inside an off-shoulder dress. Strapless bras can be disconcerting for the new user. Corsets are a better choice in this regard as well.

Moreover, corsets work towards waist training as well. Regular users of corsets have reported a slimmer waist. Coupled with some exercise and diet, this can permanently fix your figure at the same time.


Corsets have been rated to cause fewer health issues. Women using corsets have reportedly been subjected to a lesser degree of danger regarding breast cancers. The dread regarding the rumors that surrounds corsets from the medieval era no longer applies nowadays. They pertain to a longer life and a dignified posture. The stiff material holds up the backbone and provides the body with the correct support to lean on. Corsets are no more the traps of patriarchy designed to mold women into their ideal image. They actually emphasize the feminity of women while aiding them to be regular parts of the society.

  • March 30, 2017
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