Corset vs. Cincher: What is the Difference?

Corset vs. Cincher

When you venture into the field of waist training, you come across two kinds of trainers: corsets and cinchers. While on a general level, they both work to provide your figure a structure, on a more intrinsic level there is a world of difference between the two.

The differences between the two are based on build and structure and even to some extent, their effects. While cinchers help to slim down the waistline by a couple of inches, corsets provide the complete effect of an hourglass figure and provide structure to the entire torso.

How do they Work?

On the most basic level, while cinchers are primarily worn under your dress, corsets can be chosen to be worn either way. Corsets require you to lace up the garment while cinchers can be secured with hooks. Overall, this renders corsets a tighter and more effective fit in comparison to cinchers. Cinchers made of latex are often subjected to sweat accumulation. They build up the heat in the core of the body and assists in fat reduction. The same is true for corsets as well, except to a lesser degree.

Corsets, along with waist training provide posture support. The back is stiff and keeps the spine straight. Moreover, over-bust corsets double as a brassiere as well. They are, in fact, better than brassieres at supporting the bust. These corsets are more breathable than the cinchers. However, the cinchers are less bulky. They are more prone to be regularly used. Corsets are more occasion-oriented on the whole. However, cinchers are easier to put on as you don’t have to navigate through the rows of laces each time.

Corsets last longer than the latex based cinchers. But as a result, they cost more than the latter. But they are stiff to move around in. They impede activities to a large extent. These corsets are built with a layer of fabric reinforced with steel or plastic bones. They can adjust to your reducing waistline, unlike cinchers. They are tailored according to the body types as well.


If you are wondering which one to purchase, here is a tip. If you are planning to workout in your trainer, cinchers are the better choice. This is because they are more flexible and significantly looser in comparison. They are made to be worn during exercises.

Corsets, on the other hand, can be worn any other time. You can put it on under your dress during a party. It will provide you with a perfect hourglass figure. You can wear it during relaxing as well. However, try to abstain from too much physical activity with it on.

But cinchers are easier if you plan to apply your waist training during your sleeping hours. They do not put as much pressure on the diaphragm as a corset. They allow more body movement in general. Loose and older cinchers are the best options for waist training during sleeping.

However, when it comes to both cinchers and corsets, there are several kinds to choose from. Some corsets promote a back bulge. May be, you should invest in a pattern that works otherwise. On the whole, corsets do show more results. They have been a fail-proof application over the centuries. They cut down a considerable couple of inches if worn regularly.

  • March 30, 2017
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