How to Clean a Waist Trainer, Corset or Cincher?

Clean a Waist Trainer

While it is fun to watch your reducing waist line after using a waist trainer for a considerable period, it is far viler to stink while doing so. This is especially applicable for those who exercises while waist training. The sweat sinks into the latex, and this becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. A dirty corset will be detrimental to your overall health. The waist trainer hugs your frame, and if you wear it under your shirt, it sticks close to your skin. A dirty one can thus cause rashes and infections.

It would render the effort futile because you won’t be able to show off your nipped waist till that heals. Hence it is detrimental that you know how to clean it out properly.

Cleaning Tips for Your Waist Cincher

Your cincher is made of latex. Never, ever put it into the washing machine. I know it can be frustrating and you may want to get out the dirt as fast as possible. But the machine will melt the latex and completely ruin the expensive material. The chemicals or detergents poured in would cause considerable damage to your corset as well.

Similarly, it is a bad idea to scrub it with a sponge or brush. That will have the same effect as that of a washing machine. Moreover, put out the corset to dry as soon as you finish washing it. A wet corset will catch mold and wither away. It can damage the color of the corset as well.

As to how to wash your corset, it is simple. Take some mild soap, for example, shampoo. With that, take some hot water and a soft cloth. Clean out the corset carefully. Remember not to be too harsh on it. Once more, as soon as you finish, hang it up to dry. It won’t take more than a couple of hours. You can powder it with some baby power after this. Or you can towel dry it a little bit and use your hair dryer at the lowest setting.

It would be better if you can ensure that it stays out of direct sunlight. The latex loses its color under the sun. So you hang in some shady area instead. Your corset is an expensive and attractive garment that helps you to shape your waist. If you want it to retain its appeal, then sunlight is a bad idea. Moreover, the latex will bleed its color into any clothing that comes into contact with it while you dry it. So make sure that you place it to dry somewhere where it doesn’t touch any fabric. Not just fabric, remember to keep any pieces of leather away from the corset when it is drying. Latex is weak when it is drying, and leather can damage latex.


Your latex corset can last you forever, or at least until it becomes too loose for you. While it is important to clean it out, it is, even more, to be so, during the process of cleaning. You can now wear your corset all day long without any fear of it stinking or workout as much as you want in it as long as you follow these rules.

  • March 30, 2017
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