10 Celebrities who wear corsets

It is well known that Hollywood actresses alter their looks from their face to their bottoms. The corset and waist training craze has been around for quite some time with high level celebrities utilizing the tool for an array of reasons. Some utilize waist training when preparing for a movie, which can relate to us mere mortals when we want to slim down for a vacation, wedding, birthday and so on. Other famous ladies pop out the waist trainer post pregnancy or pre-award show. Waist training is a useful way to feel good in your own body and one of the things celebrities do that is actually attainable for everyone. Let’s look at our favorite stars and their how to’s on waist training.

1. Kim Kardasian

It is well known that Kim’s figure fluctuates, she has been outspoken about how hard it is to keep the baby and just day to day weight off of her figure. Kim posted an instagram photo wearing a corset with the caption: “#hourglass #waisttraining #nophotoshopnecessary.” Kim is the poster child for a beautiful figure and is open about the fact that she sometimes uses extreme methods to get the body she wants. Kim is an inspiration to all who have a thicker body but work to stay in shape. She is constantly under the scrutiny of the media yet rocks her style and continues to waist train, workout and eat well. Kim is a look into someone who truly sees the benefits of waist training.

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga gives us a corset picture not for everyday waist training, but to slim down when making an appearance. Gaga typically uses the corset look in her shows and red carpet appearances. She is known for her outlandish style and wearing a corset gives her the small waist that flatters every outfit. Lady Gaga inspires us to utilize a corset when going out on the town or for a special occasion. It will make you feel beautiful in any outfit.

3. Emily Ratajkowski

A global icon for her incredible body, this supermodel/ actress admits to using a corset to tighten her waist. Similar to Gaga, it is only something she utilizes when fitting into a tight dress for award shows or when she needs to tighten up for a photoshoot. Even if waist training isn’t an everyday thing, it can be valuable to incorporate when you have gotten off track with your diet and workout regimen. Emily is a beautifully slim girl who knows waist training can be a valuable asset to feeling confident.

4. Kylie Jenner

Known for posting the regular “thirst-traps” to Instagram, this young business icon has stringent goals about her looks, which are achieved by daily utilizing a waist trainer. Two months after giving birth to her daughter Stormi, Kylie was promoting a waist-training product bundle that featured products like a corset and “slimming cold gel” that are designed to help women who just had a baby get back to their pre-baby body. Kylie utilized the waist trainer to get her pre-baby body back as well as to achieve that hourglass figure on a daily basis.

5. Jessica Alba

Alba, similar to Kylie, implemented a waist training regimen into her day to day life after she had her baby. Jessica encouraged women to use healthy means to get their body to where they want it to be, she used a sweat waist trainer that was also incorporated in her workouts. Alba expressed, “The sweat was worth it.” She also ensured a perfect diet and intense workout routine. She bounced back pretty quickly due to her hard work and determination.

6. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has one the most enviable butts in the music industry. The beautiful rapper’s song “Anaconda” says it all, and there is no joke intended. She achieves her large butt, tiny waist combo by training her waist religiously. She even warms on tour while wearing a trainer, to keep her tummy tucked to slim her looks down. She is a classic example of a celebrity who’s waist training game has paid off, consistency is key!

7. Snooki

The petite reality star of Jersey Shore has lost a good amount of weight over the last few years and is looking in shape and fit. Snooki utilized waist training, along with an intensive workout routine, to prepare for her wedding. Her goal was to tighten and flatten her tummy and if you check out pictures now, she has achieved her and looked incredible at her wedding!

8. Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey was one of the unfortunate child stars who went through some hard times and gained a lot of weight along with that. She posted an Instagram photo expressing that she loves the body the way it is but has goals and uses a waist trainer to achieve them. She now sports a tiny frame and a thin waist, credit where credit is due, the waist trainer gave Lindsey’s weight loss journey quite the boost.

9. Lily James

They say all publicity is good publicity, who knows, but Lily James was shamed for her exceptionally tiny waist in the movie “Cinderella”. She used a waist trainer to look beautiful in the gorgeous blue dress and it paid off, but it must have been tight because she truly looks like she could disappear into thin air. James defended herself saying, “Why do women always get pointed at for their bodies? And why is this whole thing happening that I’m constantly having to justify myself? I’m very healthy and I always have been. I really have been lucky because I’ve always had a very healthy attitude to my body. That’s why in a way it’s confusing me, because it’s a costume.” We are not going to give Lily any shame, rock your look and if you want to add a corset for the extra thinning effects, all power to you!

10. Khloe Kardashian

Last but not least, this Kardashian sister has gone through quite the body change since the conception of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Khloe now hosts her show, Revenge Body and has the lovely curves to go with the name. She even recently posted her holiday themed waist trainer on Instagram, saying she has quite the obsession with training her waist. Khloe, along with her strict diet and workouts, uses a corset on a daily basis to achieve her amazing curves.

Let us know which celebrity is your favorite and who inspires you the most when it comes to training your waist. We know achieving a celebrity look can be hard sometimes but with dedication and hard work you can have the amazing curves and body just like the ladies on this list!

  • January 12, 2020
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