How to Choose a Plus Size Corset

Regardless of your body size, a corset can help give you the figure you desire. There are an array of plus size waist trainers to fit your body type and measurements. We know every person’s curves make them who they are, so our goal is to help you find the perfect corset for your needs. Follow our guide on finding the perfect plus size corset.

According to an interview plus size model, Ashley Graham did with Glamour magazine, your looks starts from your undergarments: “Find the perfect bra to create the perfect silhouette. My motto is it starts with the bra. Plus, you can show your lingerie off underneath your clothes—it will make you feel all kinds of sexy.”

She then mentions, “Creating a waist is key on any body shape.” Your waist is the key to creating that hourglass look in any size. Plus size models know corsets can help you achieve that look and we help you find the right fit!

To find the right corset or waist trainer for you, you first need to find the right measurements, we recommend measuring all areas of your body to understand what style is right. Measure right under your bra line, around one inch above your belly button, right below your hip bone, and then sit down and measure the distance from your mid-thigh to your the bottom of your breasts. From there review the sizing chart aligned with the various corsets you are looking at and decide which is best for you. We suggest looking at reviews for women who have ordered similar sizes and following their reviews.

General corset sizing recommends sizing four to seven inches below your personal measurements. For example if your size measures 34 inches around the waist, we would suggest a 30 inch corset.

There are other factors that go into deciding which corset is best for you, if you intend to wear it during workouts, for back support, or are wanting to wear it a lot longer without it being so tight, we suggest getting a corset that is only two to three inches smaller than your waist. This is also the way to go if you are new to waist training, it is better to be more comfortable and ease into the process than purchase something is too small from the start.

It is also necessary to take into consideration the make-up of your body, if you have more muscle and less “squish” as we like to say, then you have to be careful about the sizing as well. Muscle is not going to malleate so you do not want to be interfering with the muscles in your midsection and upper legs. So take into account your body type when deciding how much smaller you want your corset to fit.

Let’s dive into the different styles of corsets so we can find which is best for you!

● Plus size underbust corset
These are the standard corsets that start under your bust and fit down to your hips. There are a huge variety of these on the market and can be worn with underwear, as well as under clothing. They offer comfort if you have larger breasts or want to solely focus on the waist trainer aspect of the corset.

● Plus size overbust corset
This style covers your breasts as well as your abdomen, so a bra is not required when you choose the overbust corset. The overbust corset is very flattering for women with a plus size figure, it will make you feel fitted and supported. Also, this is great if you tend to wear dresses in your day to day life.

● Plus size steel boned corset
Steel boned corsets retain their shape and fit for much longer and provide the sturdy support plus sized women desire. They can be pulled tighter with the attached strings depending on the comfort level needed. Steel boned corsets have that internal wiring that will help you achieve the look you are going for in a quick fashion.

● Plus size corset dress
The corset dress is a simpler, wearable version of the corset. It provides coverage and has ties to cinch your waist ever so slightly. They can be worn as a waist to train your waist as well as a very flattering outfit for a night out.

● Plus size lace up corset
Lace up corsets are best used with the assistance of another person as they will need to be pulled tight and tied. The difference between lace up is that it does not have the rows of hooks of a normal corset. Your corset will ship to you fully laced, so you’ll need to unlace it to put it on. Untie any bows and pull each pair of X’s until the corset is completely loosened and then fasten or unfasten the bus. You will be able to slip it on and tighten it more with every wear.

Let us know how you decide what corset is best for you. Every woman should feel amazing in their own skin, and we recommend using a corset to enhance your natural beauty. Check out or reviews page for a look into various types of corsets.

  • January 25, 2020
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