Tips for Exercising with a Waist Trainer

Tips for Exercising with a Waist Trainer

To get the utmost benefit out of your new waist trainer, you should wear it during exercises. That sounds contradictory to common sense, right? I mean, waist trainers, to an extent restrict easy breathing. How can they be comfortable during exercises? While that is true, there are ways to ensure a safe workout regimen, even while wearing a cincher.

This can profit you more than any normal exercise routine, granted that you follow the rules.

How to Exercise with a Waist Trainer?

First of all, be cautious while making your purchase. Even if you have to pinch your pocket a little, this sacrifice can save you a lot of trouble and assist you in your endeavor. Check the material of the product. It needs to be durable and strong as it will have to endure being twisted out of shape, a lot, along with your body. Secondly, the stitching needs to hold as well. You do not want a product that will fall apart at the tiniest bit of stress. The same logic applies for the hooks. It will hamper your workout hours if the hooks decide to fall apart in the middle. Thirdly, there should be a wider range of sizes with ample space between each hook. You won’t be able to start off by cinching it to the last hook. And you will need to tighten it as you go. This ensures that you have the choices required for this ‘seasoning.’

The fit should not be by any means, uncomfortable. However, if you wear it a hook looser, it won’t have the desired effect. So keep the fit as tight as you can handle, as long as you don’t experience any pain.

The next thing that should be kept in mind is the type of exercises you practice, wearing a waist trainer. Never, I repeat never, do cardio workouts while wearing a cincher. Cardio requires you to have an easy intake of air and cinchers put a damper on that factor. The lack of oxygen will render you dizzy, and if you push through that, you will eventually end up with cardiac ailments. However, if you wear the trainer during weight and strength training, it will be ideal. The cincher will allow you to maintain proper posture. You will be able to put in a lot more effort due to this. It even helps you to shed more weight.

The tight fit of the cincher, coupled with accumulated sweat, turns you into an itchy mess. This will end up in rashes and infections all along your tummy. This is particularly a problem if you are into the habit of putting in long hours of exercises. However, here is advice to help you deal with this. You can wear your cincher above your shirt instead of hiding it with clothing. I know it must be tempting to put it out of sight, but it will be more beneficial this way. The fabric will collect the sweat, and the tight fabric won’t rub against your skin.


Weight trainers are not medically recommended. But the way they are most effective is when they are used while exercising. They provide a contour for your body to fall into after the workout is over and you take it off. So use it, but do so with extreme caution. These can be dangerous with improper use.

  • March 30, 2017
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