Are Waist Cinchers Good for Your Health?

Are Waist Cinchers Good for Your Health?

With several celebrities endorsing waist training, it is all the rage nowadays. Most have already ordered their cinchers and can’t wait to begin an easy way to reduce the waist bump. He sisters Kim and Khloe are diligent on their waist training. Jessica Alba and several other celebrities claim that these help you to get back into shape after your pregnancy. Several new lines of corsets have been invented that claims to be particularly suited to the body that has just undergone pregnancy.

However, these claims beg two questions. How effective are waist trainers truly and moreover, how safe they are.

How Do Waist Cinchers Work on Reducing the Waist Line?

The short answer is, they do not. At least not the kind of effect you might be looking for if you venture into waist training. The effects are temporary at best. They do slim down your figure, but only when it is on. You can use these cinchers like a corset under your dress. It might help you to feel better and more beautiful and give you a confidence boost.

However, no medical trivia actually endorse any positive effect of these waist trainers on the shape of the body. Experts say that your body shape is determined by your genes. You can’t force your body into a natural hourglass figure. It might look like its working while it is on, but that’s just an illusion. The body will bounce back to its original shape after it is done. After all, your body is made up of muscle tissue. And if you force it too hard, it might even snap off the ribs in the process and bruise your organs.

In fact, support has been towards the contrary. No cincher can actually help in fluid reduction in the uterus post-birth. There are only two ways to effectively reduce weight: sufficient exercise and a good diet.

The logic behind waist trainers is that it amplifies the thermal reaction in the core of the body, thus helping you to sweat more and shave off some weight. But that is flawed because sweating actually causes you to lose the water mass and not fat. All the waist trainer does is visually slim down your waist while you sweat out the hydration in your body.

And to wear it while exercising is too big a risk. While exercising, you should be able to take in as much air as possible. The corset constricts the diaphragm and does not let the lungs expand sufficiently. This could lead to lung problems later in your life. If you wear it while sleeping, the chances are that it won’t let you get sufficient rest either. And if you have any breathing difficulties, it is better to avoid using cinchers at all.


Instead of yielding any positive results, these cinchers, on the other hand, work negatively. They make you weaker and impair your ability to work hard. You are always short of breath, and that is not a good thing for any part of your body. It is not scientifically possible for anything to reshape your inherent bone structure. What the corset does is rearrange the organs and the push the fat around. In case you want to wear a cincher, do so during a night out to make you look slimmer. However, do not hold any illusions that it will actually help you become slim in the process.

  • March 30, 2017
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