Is Waist Training Safe? Myths Debunked

Safe waist trainer

Waist trainers or cinchers are the predecessors of the legendary corset. It gained fame during the 1900s. The basic notion of the device is to reduce your waist by compressing it. For it to be effective, the waist trainer needs to be worn for a length of time every day. The laces are tied a little bit tighter each day. The theory is to suck in the floating ribs and even adjust the internal organs. The result is obviously a tinier waistline.

Used since the 1500’s, waist trainers are coming back into fashion and thus it is important to learn a few facts about them.

Several medical personnel advise against the use of this device. However, in case, you are interested, you should know the proper way to wear a cincher. There are risks and advantages to everything, and so is true for waist trainers.

Advantages and Risk Factors of Waist Trainers

Beauty aside, as unbelievable it may sound there are medical advantages to waist training. The use of a cincher ensures a straight posture throughout the day. It keeps your spine perpendicular, and that is the key to a better figure. We all are guilty of overeating during the day. Using a cincher, you need to sit with a sucked in the belly and that motivates you to cut down on a heavy diet.

However, that is where the advantages end. Waist cinchers compress your ribs, and your organs and overuse of it may result in damage. This could range from a fractured lower rib to bruised kidneys, and none of that is pretty. And the very fact that the cincher works by rearranging the internal organs is none too consoling.

Moreover, there is no evidence that waist cinching actually helps you to reduce your fat. Sure they reform your body to a better shape when worn. They further multiply the thermal activities in the body and hasten up the process of burning fat. However, to optimize this, is you may decide to wear it for prolonged periods that is not really healthy.

There are ways to make the experience safer. You can purchase the correct size and shape when you choose your corset. Further, instead of tying yourself up as tightly as you can, ‘season’ into it. Lace it up lightly on the first day and ensure that you have the proper diet and exercise to compliment your efforts. Further, if sleep while wearing it, make sure that it doesn’t hurt. If you choose to exercise with it one, follow the rules and keep the exposure to a limited period. Following these safety measures, makes it a lot easier on your body.


There is no doubt that waist cinching under your dress makes it fit better on your body. However, beyond that, the effort is useless. In the end, the decision should be built on your experience with it. If it hurts you to any degree when you have it on, take it off. Please do not argue with yourself that the pain will recede and you will adjust to it. Any form of pain means that something is wrong and you do not want to adjust to any deformities. Waist cinchers do show effect, but only temporary ones.

There are several methods to cut down on your fat and torturing yourself is not one of them. Overall, keep it safe and short.

  • March 30, 2017
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