5 Tips for Exercising With a Waist Trainer

If you want to incorporate waist training into your workout regimen it is important to understand best practices to see the most effective results. You can get more out of your fitness routine as well as your waist trainer if you utilize them together with the proper form. Let us give you the best tricks and information to get the most out of your waist trainer while working out. 

Make sure the waist trainer fits and is worn in properly. 

To ensure that you get the best results from incorporating a waist trainer in your fitness routine, it is important that you are comfortable and have a trainer that will work with you, not against you. Before implementing waist training during physical training, make sure it is worn in and fits to your body. If you try to perform exercises in a trainer that is stiff in the wrong places you could cause injury or the trainer will rub your skin, causing discomfort.  

The goal of waist training during exercise is to aid in the thermogenic and tightening process, therefore you want to ensure it is doing its job and not causing discomfort for no reason. Allow the trainer to fit to your body and be worn in by wearing it in passive situations, like around the house or while running errands. Then after 6-10 wears, evaluate how it feels and then begin to incorporate it during workouts.  

Perform the most effective exercises for your desired results and comfort level. 

Not all exercises are created equal, and though we believe all movement is beneficial for your body and health we want each person to workout in a way that is safe and produces the right bodily results. A lot of workout activities are paired well with wearing a waist trainer. We suggest using the trainer when you are walking or jogging on a treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster or outside. Also, if you are performing complex lifts, like squats or deadlifts, a trainer is a good tool to have. These workouts pair well as they use your whole body, so you are not restricting airflow. Also, the trainer will work to tighten your core as well as give you extra back and core strength to perform these movements.  

If you are doing intense exercises like sprints or excessive jumping, it is best to take the trainer off. Also, if you are performing ab specific exercises, it is also not safe to wear a corset. If you are tightening your waist during these moves you could cause injury to your muscles or bones, as well as lose your breath resulting in health issues.  

Ensure you can breathe properly and that your body doesn’t feel a painful level of discomfort. 

Always be smart about when you are using a corset and listen to your body to ensure you are not hurting yourself or causing pain that will result in injury. A corset is meant to be tight, but not too tight, so when ordering consider reviews and measurements to be confident that you will not be hurting your body while training your waist.  

When it comes to workouts, you always want to be able to catch your breath as you would if you were not wearing the corset. Waist training, especially for beginners, can take a toll on your body, so listen to the signals you are receiving from your breathing patterns as well as your waist area. You never want to feel pain, the goal is to assist with the body shaping process and that only works if your body is functioning properly. 

Use a liner.  

Wear clothing under the corset, this will not affect the results of your waist training, but it will protect the skin and your corset. First, our skin produces oils and sweat that could erode the material of the waist trainer, you don’t want to mess up your trainer after your invested in it so recently. So, to protect the material be sure to wear a tank or shirt between your skin and the corset. 

Also, you do not want to chaffing to occur on your skin from the trainer rubbing against you while performing various movements. This may seem like a no brainer, but many people post pictures on social media of them in a sports bra and trainer, and this is not the proper way to wear it. It is ideal to have a thin garment between your skin and the trainer.  

Pair exercise and waist training with a healthy diet. 

There are no quick fixes in this world; waist trainers are a great tool and even better, adding exercise will help your body change even quicker. But to get optimal results you want to ensure your diet consists of healthy and nutritious foods. Also, be sure to fuel your body but be aware of portion control. If you are looking to shape your waist and lose a few inches you don’t want to be overeating.  

Incorporate good protein sources, fruits, veggies and whole grains into your diet. Avoid highly processed foods and excessive amounts of sugar. Look to properly fuel your body and listen to the signals your receive from the foods you eat and the exercise you perform. The more in tune you are the better results you will see. 

Here are our favorite waist trainers! 

Make sure to understand what waist trainer will fit your body type and goals. Through our research we have found the trainers that have been most effective for many women and have received great reviews.  

The Lady slim latex waist cincher is a great all around trainer that will fit well and help you achieve your goals. The Squeem cincher is another favorite that is top rated for a good workout waist trainer. If you are looking for more of a fat burning effect than the waist training effect, we love the Mermaid Mystery neoprene trainer. Check out our reviews page for some of the best options and information.  

Finding the best waist trainer and a workout routine that works for you will allow you to see the results you desire. Use our tips to be sure you are safely utilizing these tools simultaneously. Make sure you are putting the time and effort into you training efforts so you can gain the body you want! 

  • March 19, 2020
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